We’d be glad to see your comments, observations, and questions in the section below. No Survey, No Login. 5. Creator Studio lets creators and publishers manage posts, insights and messages from all of your Facebook Pages in one place. BUT THANKS ANYWAY! once logged in it asks me to confirm my email. Any suggestions?? We decided to make a new account in order to stay in touch with our friends and each other (she is studying abroad and we attend colleges many hours away from each other). Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) Not Working? Note: if you do not get a quick reply from the help center after your first mail, it’s advisable to send the email a couple of times in a week. I have been logged out of my account for two days and finally managed to get in and a day later logged out again. Customer Services : You do have your name or password wrong – it does happen to the best of us. My account exists, I’ve seen it in a friends phone. Another way to fix the Instagram login error is by logging in to Instagram via your Facebook account. I have tried sending my phone a code to get back in my account, but it doesn’t give me a “code” option, unless I am using my computer. I am tired of this! Browse featured articles and topics to learn more about what Instagram has to offer. (app or web page) I really need help, how do i fix it? Sometimes when you log off from your phone and later try to connect to your account from a device which your Instagram account doesn’t recognize, then it may not let you log in to your account. Instagram can down anytime and show this error, the app is not stable in these days. Instagram storingskaart met actuele meldingen van problemen en storingen. When I decided to reactivate my account, I couldn’t sign in and I put forgot password (since apparently my password isn’t working), I put in my username and it says “Error, User Not Found”. I got a message one min later saying ” Thanks for contacting us, it looks like you are having trouble logging in. Hey Kelly, You can also try it on your computer. Whatever the reason might be, we don’t want you to be scared whenever you experience an Instagram Login issue that prevents you from logging into Instagram. It has not. Check whether the issue reoccurs on the browser version, if you’re using the app, or vice versa. I can’t even report the problem. They have in the past. My email is xxxxx if you have any suggestions or helpful tips. ai did reinstall the app. ‎Dichter bij de mensen en dingen waarvan je houdt. It’s sending me a security code to my mobile yet I don’t receive anything! People often find that they have trouble logging into Instagram, and get a variety of different error messages when they try. Instagram is experiencing problems on their end, and their server isn’t sending the correct information back, or can’t load your account. I cant access to myy account myy password is correct but its keep on saying me error i can’t login i want my Instagram account back, My professional account has been disable permanently by mistake how can I get back my account, I can’t even get into my account how can i CLICK ON “CONTACT US”. Typically, the Instagram login error comes up anytime you try to log into your Instagram account on the mobile app whether android or ios. please can someone help me? But then here’s what you need to take note of: before proceeding to restore your phone, it’s always useful to back up all important information or data from your phone to any safe place. doing research in the form. the ig 2FAC keep sending me the same link to change my pw .i screenshot the problems and gave them my new phone no. It is an issue of Instagram, should be solved in couple of hrs. So I tried logging in via the app and via the browser and I’m connected to WiFi, but I can’t log into any of my accounts… how do I fix this? … Hi, im facing the same issue.i have 2 instagram account (1 link with facebook, another 1 not link) but in need my instagram back which is not link yo facebook..please assist urgently What kind of error you’re getting? Just had the weirdest log-in problem, never had that before… it wouldn’t accept my password… so i kept at it… and then it magically worked. I’ve already tried all the alternative ways like changing password , switching off phone, uninstalling and installing again the app and even the factory reset of my iPhone. 4. Enter your username, email, or phone number, then tap Next. It’s been 3 days now! Deleting the app and then restarting it. Instagram (from Facebook) allows you to create and share your photos, stories, and videos with the friends and followers you care about. when I login trying to use facebook and changed my password and email etc.. it still does not connect even with facebook and it will only give me the option to log in with facebook aswell? I have a secure password and two-factor authentication, but since last week I can’t log in into my Instagram account. I have 2 accounts. they send me a code through my email but i didn’t received any code .its been a week. I tried logging in but it just takes me to the new one i just signed up with even if it has a different username. We’ll get back to you shortly! When I click on “phone” it sends me a link to log back in my account, I have tried that constantly over 30 times. Find the latest Instagram news and updates on the official Instagram blog. There are a few possibly causes for Instagram refusing to let you log in. then follow the on-screen instructions. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Thus, when you are off wifi and using your mobile service provider you’re unable to log into your Instagram account. this is highly frustrating for me because I hate using the internet for Instagram- nothings the same. Your mobile phone provider creates a unique IP address for your mobile phone. Other people can see my page and post on my pictures). I’m trying to create a new instagram for my fitness channel but it doesn’t seem to work how are we suppose to proceed ? Cannot login. I tried logging into my other accounts but they don’t work on anything. When I tried to reset my password, I got a “Sorry, we can’t send you a link to reset your password. It keeps taking me back to the help page when I try to log in.? Nzl.fr - Modifié le 6 déc. What if you could GO CRAZY VIRALOn TikTok and Keep Doing so CONSISTENTLY? iv tried to make a new user and it just says ‘error’ its like I’m banned??? Been waiting now full 14 days since requesting help. What kind of issue you’re getting exactly? Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Explained, Weak internet connection or bad internet coverage, Violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions, Log in to your Instagram account via the browser, Navigate to the accounts settings page and unlink any Facebook account associated with the Instagram account, Afterward, log in to Instagram using another mobile phone, Connect the new Facebook account to Instagram, After clearing the Instagram data, open the Instagram app on your phone, Log in to your Instagram account from your PC, Provide the reasons for disabling the account (, Once the time is complete, you can then log in to your Instagram account, Afterward, open the app to create a clone of your Instagram account, When you successfully create the cloned app, you’ll see it on the homepage, Open the cloned app and enter your Instagram login details, Now, you can access your account without any Instagram login error, Uninstall the Instagram application from your phone, Change the Android ID and IMEI number of your phone, Afterward, download the Instagram app from play store and login to your account, Right from the settings option on your phone, search for factory reset device, Wait till the reset is completed and successful, Afterward, you can download the Instagram app from the Google play store to your phone, Now, you can ace ss your account without any Instagram login error, Log in to your Instagram account from a PC or on any phone browser, Afterward, open the Instagram app on your mobile phone, Input the code sent to your mobile number then try to login to your Instagram account, Open the authorization screen and search for “login help” option, Afterward, you’ll receive a mail that contains a link, and you’d be asked to access the link and open Instagram, When you access Instagram via the link, you should be able to log in without any error. Welcome back to Instagram. These can occur on the browser, the app, or both, but no matter what, they often lead to frustration and time wasted trying to troubleshoot and fix the error. I temporary disabled my account around 20 days ago. Ontdek onze community waar je jezelf kunt zijn en … Social media is becoming increasingly popular, and Instagram is amongst the top ones, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t run into issues occasionally. Please help!!! Wenn das hier beschriebene Instagram Login-Problem auftritt, ist es ganz egal was du in die Felder „Benutzername“ und „Passwort“ schreibst, die Fehlermeldung bleibt dieselbe! Hi Robin, Login in again with your Instagram account. HOW TO FIX THE “SORRY THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST” INSTAGRAM LOGIN ERROR? If you cleared the cache but still experiencing issues, once again go to Settings > Apps (or on some devices App Manager) > Downloaded tab > Instagram. I can log in fine on my computer, but on my cell phone it’s not working. Connect with friends, share what you're up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. even i entered the correct pw to my sec acc still doesnt let me loggin .i just want my accs back .. pls help !!! - [Solution-2020], Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Login? However, in most situations, users are able to log in via their web browser on Instagram. LR/Instagram is an unofficial publish plugin for Lightroom, allowing you to post photos directly to your Instagram account. so how should i fix it ? If you’re still having trouble logging into Instagram, another key area to check is your personal device. Well, I’m running in circles because if I try to log in it goes to the help page, if I click to set up a new password it goes to the help page! same link .not helping at all .. My Instagram was banned so I tried contacting them and then they reactivated my account, however, it was asking for a mobile verification code which was not working, so I tried changing the password but after that, I am unable to log in. We’ll investigate the issue and get back to you. I can’t log into any of my business accounts on my iphone app but when I try a friends app it works first time. If you try other devices and networks and still can’t log in, then you can try the next method. Instagram Login & Sign up Login by instagram: Having an Instagram account is very easy nowadays, however, after having closed many people are inconvenienced to log in again on Instagram. I changed my password because someone logged in my account from a different state, when I tried to log back in after changing my password, it will not let me log in. This wikiHow teaches you how to report a problem to Instagram. This issue has been going on for about 5 days now. Or you can just send your identity to Instagram from “Contact Us” section then they will reach to you within couple of days then problem will be resolved. The one way that they reinforce these rules is by banning IP addresses. then follow the on-screen instructions. My account was disabled (no idea why but I haven’t used it recently so maybe that?) I I decided to reactivate my account, I couldn’t sign in and I put forgot password (since apparently my password isn’t working), I put in my username and it says “Error, User Not Found”. I disabled my instagram for about three months. Please try again.”. They couldn’t have checked my credentials that fast! Learn more about what you can do if you don't know your username. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This should allow you to enter your details afresh and may solve a number of different issues, not just the log in one. I tried to login and it says “Error user not found”. Login with Facebook on Instagram. and I try to send the form in to get it reactivated but it tells me over and over “Sorry cannot process your request.” so I can’t send the form in to go thru the reactivation process…can somebody help? Is there any way to either recover the old account or to log into the new account? Just comes up with an error message. exact same situation for me. Please try again.” I have contacted Instagram multiple times and the same two bots (Jesse and Phoenix) keep replying to my email with a reset link that does nothing but take me to a page with the “Oops, an error occurred.” I keep emailing them telling them the problem, but no help. I am having the same issue. My device is IOS, i cant enter my instagram account it always say sorry there was a problem with your request and i cant even log in with my facebook account and i tried everything but i enter from the web normally but the problem is in the app. Option 1: Login with Facebook. On the contrary, if this method doesn’t work for you, then you can try the next method. If all the methods we mentioned above fail, you can try resolving the Instagram login error by creating a clone of Instagram using a parallel space application. However, I haven’t been able to login fora year because Instagram never sends the code to my email address. I have tried filing reports to instagram and they will not do anything. I have tried every method possible. Tap Need more help? I’m trying to log in to Instagram but getting an error message saying ‘user not found’. The error just says “something went wrong” Hey, Please try new method on post above. Why Does the Instagram Login Error Happen? One of the options is to contact the help center of Instagram. Downloaden Freeware (297,89 MB) Windows 10 - Nederlands . desperate to figure this out bc i have sentimental pictures on there. It has never been inappropriate in any way and we have not received word as to why it was actually disabled. I know it is active because others can now see my profile, i just cant log in anymore. Many users on Twitter, Instagram crashed? I tried from app, web, desktop, another person phone, etc. There’s no way to reset password/get help/contact them etc. but still I am unable to login. What kind of issue you are experiencing specifically? Hi Please let me know idfyou have any guidance or advice. AN email is being sent to my email with the security code. Can not login instagram. If the problem persists for days, then you can try out the other troubleshooting methods we’ll talk about. To report a hacked account on Instagram: On Android: On the login screen, tap Get help signing in below Log In. You may have to try a couple of these to get the desired results, but they will give you a starting point to at least do something other than hit the ‘log in’ button a hundred times in frustration. When it comes to fixing the Instagram login error, this is a straightforward and effective solution that has worked for many Instagram users. Thank you! Keeps sending me to the help page. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. My best friend and I have shared an account for years with hundreds of posts that I no longer have on my current phone. Do you have other useful tricks? I don’t have a facebook account so I can’t re-activate that way. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s hop in. I also temporarily disabled my account for a whole day, I was able to reactivate it. I set up 2FA on Instagram this time last year after I was hacked and managed to get my account back. There is an option named “Contact Us” that you can see it even if you’ve not logged in. Go on your computer and try to login with your account on the Instagram website. I tried to remake the page to see if it was deactivated and it says the username is taken, so I knows its still there.
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